Very Low Contrast PTCA under IVUS Guidance

When we think of Coronary Angioplasty. We foresee stents, balloons, Catheters, But another important thing to consider is kidney function. We always check Kidney function prior to Angiography or Angioplasty. It is required as contrast is used in these procedures. When kidney function is impaired, doing these procedures is challenging. When creatinine is higher, Angioplasty carries the risk of further deterioration of kidney function. At times it is required to postpone the procedure till kidney function improves.
Now with the NEW concept, we can do Angioplasty in those who have stable but altered kidney function. It is done with Intravascular Ultrasound(IVUS). This new content is termed as Vey Low Contrast PTCA under IVUS guidance. The normal amount of contrast required in any Angioplasty is 100 to 200 ml. But with this technique, we have done Angioplasty with 12 ml of contrast. This patient was having creatinine of 1.9 which then improved to 1.4 and remained still further improved to 1.1 mg/dl even after Angioplasty. This was first of its kind procedure in the Marathwada region and Aurangabad.

Dr. Milind Kharche

Cardiologist CIIGMA Group of Hospitals

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