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At CIIGMA we have world class operation theater. We provide following services.

  • Central O2 with Boyle’s’ machine & A.C.
  • Non Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP).
  • Pulse Oxymeter.
  • Ventilator with all modes, SIMV and CMV.
  • Cardiac monitor with Defibrillator.
  • Infusion Pump and OT Lights.
  • Richard Wolf CO2 insufflators.
  • Xenon light source.
  • Isolated Endoscopic theatre.
  • OT AIR sterilizer with HEPA filter.
  • Bipolar Generator & Eclipse Diathermy.
  • Asculap Surgical instruments (USA).
  • Close circuit theatre camera ( CCTC).
  • Max-40 p ventilator for ICU, ICCU & post operative care of patients with CMV,CMV ASSIST, SIMV MODE.
  • Laparoscopic set (Richard wolf) with xenon light source, CO2 insufflators,Camera, Bipolar Generator, Magnetic Ball Valve Trocar .
  • Hysteroscopy set (Richard wolf).

Automatic Resterilizable trocar with ball magnetic valve. The state of ART access.

Modular forceps and scissor system Improved Reprocessing More Economical.

Pneumatic insufflators, suction pumps, light sources,endo documentation system, equipment trolleys and containers/trays for hygienic reprocessing.