United Ciigma Hospital is the blessing you need

United Ciigma Hospital is the blessing you need

We sincerely hope that no couple has to face infertility issues, but if you do, United CIIGMA Hospital is the blessing you need. Therefore , we would like to share our wonderful experience at united ciigma hospital.

After completing 13 years of marriage we are getting success in IVF treatment. Earlier we approach different hospitals in Aurangabad as well as one hospital in Pune. But only we receive experience of 6 to 7 failure of IVF cycle.

As a 2nd opinion we approach Dr. Pushpa Kodlikeri madam in June 2015. After deep investigation and proper root cause analysis , our IVF cycle starts in Jan 2016, and in first attempt we got the positive result and our hope had finally converted into life.

Our new member in a family expected to come in second week of Sep 2016. Thanks to Dr. Kodlikeri madam and her entire team members who brought smile in our face.

Key features about hospital

  1. Dedicated staff
  2. Disciplined environment
  3. Prompt service