Dr. Unmesh Takalkar

Cancer General & Endoscopic Surgeon

Chief Managing Director, United CIIGMA Hospital

General Surgery & Oncology

As a Registrar and Lecturer in Surgery and in Private Practice, Dr. Takalkar has done independently more than 30,000 operations in various branches of Surgery including Oncology, major operations include Nephrectomies, surgery for Urolithiasis, ileal Conduit for caBladder, Bladder Dissections,Total Gastrectomy,A.P. Resection, Hepatic Resections, Pancreatic Duodenectomy,Total Thyroidectomy, cholecystectomies, Surgery for Breast Cancer, Sugarove Procedures, Wertheim’s Hysterectomies, Pieneas Pull through, Decortication, Lobectomies, Oesophagogastrectomies. He has special interest in Proctology.He has also done Emergency and planned vascular Procedures including Embolectomy, AV Fistulas,and putting Arterial and venous lines. He has performed almost all the Procedures in Surgery including Proctology. He has trained more than 50 post graduate students in Surgery.

Endoscopic Surgery

He has performed more than 2000 Cystoscopies and performed more than 1000 Laparoscopic Surgeries. He has been doing regularly Laparoscopic Appendicectomy, PCOD treatment, Cholecystectomy,All procedures in OBGY,Laparascopic Hysterectomy, Teaching – As a Post Graduate resident at Government Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad and Bhatia /Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, he taught undergraduate students and post graduate surgical residents. As a Lecturer in Surgery at Government Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad , he taught undergraduate and post graduate students with Nursing and dental students from 1993 to 1997.


CIIGMA has separate Endoscopy theatre,C-Arm, IITV and therapeutic G1 Endoscopy with ERCP. We Perform daily 5-7 Endoscopies with 20-30 therapeutic endoscopy. He has trained at the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad (India).

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Papers Accepted

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  • Saree cancer in Indian woman: treated successfully with multimodality management. Dermatology reports.

Reviewer for the Journal

  • International journal of surgery case reports.

Papers Presented

  • Analysis of 2772 Fibreoptic Bronchoscopies at Medical College, Aurangabad, Kalbande M. B, Deodhar A. P, Takalkar U. V- Fourth Annual Conference of Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of India, Jointly Second World Conference on Open Heart Surgery, February 1991,Bombay,India.
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  • National Merit Scholarship during SSC and HSC
  • AIIM Fest Memorial Prize & Palnitkar Memorial Prize for First in MBBS
  • Two Silver Jubilee memorial Prizes for First in Biochemistry & Physiology
  • Darak Prize for First in MBBS
  • Shirish Patel Memorial Prize for 1st in MBBS
  • AIIM Fest Memorial Prize for Pharmocology and FMT
  • Silver Jubilee Prize for First in 2nd MBBS
  • Bhogaonkar Prize and Khose Prize for First in 3rd MBBS
  • Dr.Kalpana Bardapurkar “ Gold Medal “ for Surgery
  • Gopichand Nagori prize
  • Scientific Conference Fund Prize
  • Silver Jubilee Prize for First in 3rd MBBS
  • Winner of Pfizer Postgraduate Award and Gold Medal
  • AIIM Fest Memorial Prize for Opthalmology and Surgery