Dr. Sachin Soni

Dr. Sachin Soni


Consultant Interventional Nephrologist
Kidney Transplant Physician
Vascular Access Specialist
Director, Nephrology Kidney Care

Work Experience:

  • Nephrology training at Mediciti Hospitals, Hyderabad under Prof (Dr) Anuradha.
  • Worked as Visiting fellow at University of California San Diego Medical Centre (USA) in March 2006
  • Clinical observer at Mujlibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad (India) in November 2006.
  • Fellow Internatioanl Society of Peritoneal Dialysis at Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute, Lucknow (July-Sept 2007).
  • Worked at San Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza under Prof. Claudio Ronco as a International Society of Nephrology Fellow
  • Assistant Professor of Nephrology, MGM Medical College, Aurangabad
  • Worked as a Consultant Nephrologist at Sathya Kidney Centre, Hyderabad
  • Worked as a Consultant Nephrologist at Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital, Aurangabad (2009-2010) and Manik Hospital and Research Centre (2010-2013)


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  • APCN Development award from Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (May 2008)
  • Best abstract award at Vicenza PD Course, Italy, 2012
  • Best abstract award for oral presentation on “Double vessel transposition : An innovative AVF”, at AVATAR-2016, Delhi, 2016
  • Best abstract award for poster presentation on “Brachio-brachial AVF – First report from Asia Pacific”, at AVATAR-2016, Delhi, 2016
  • Best abstract award for oral presentation on “Unconventional AV Fistula by the Nephrologists”, at West Zone Annual Conference of Nephrology, Mumbai, 2014
  • Best paper award for oral presentation on “Non diabetic renal disease in type 2 diabetes”, at Silver Jubilee Conference of Southern Chapter of Nephrology, Chennai on 19.02.2005
  • Best paper award for oral presentation on “Comparison of Heparin versus no heparin anticoagulation during CRRT”, at 38th annual conference of Indian Society of Nephrology, New Delhi on 13.12.2007
  • Runner up at “National level Nephrology Quiz-2006”, organised at 37th Annual Indian Society of Nephrology Conference on 02.12.2006 (Bhubaneshwar)
  • Winner at “Nephrology Quiz-2007”, organised at 27th Annual Conference of Southern chapter of Nephrology, Hyderabad
  • Winner at “National level Nephrology Quiz-2007”, at 38th Annual Indian Society of Nephrology Conference on 15.12.2007 (New Delhi)
  • Runner at “Nephrology Quiz-2008”, organised at 28th Annual Conference of Southern chapter of Nephrology, Mysore
  • Winner at “Nephrology Quiz” conducted by Christian Medical College, Vellore (Apr 08)
  • Third prize for oral presentation on “Clinical profile of stroke in Diabetes mellitus” at RSSDI (Research Society for study of Diabetes in India ) National Conference on 3rd April 2004.
  • B. Braun Medical trust foundation Scholar, for outstanding achievement in Nephrology (2005-06)
  • Best student in Nephrology (2007), Mediciti Hospitals, Hyderabad