First Ever Heart Transplant in Marathwada

First Ever Heart Transplant in Marathwada

Heart Transplant done successfully in United CIIGMA Hospital, Aurangabad.

United CIIGMA Hospital last year has achieved the best in India- NABH accreditation. Being the first in its region, United CIIGMA Hospital took an initiative in organ donation movement. On Feb 1st 2017, United CIIGMA Hospital has achieved another very important milestone as we have successfully done First Heart Transplant.

In Maharashtra this kind of transplant occurred first time after Mumbai. The importance of this incidence is because the done and the recipient patient were in the same hospital i.e United CIIGMA Hospital.

Apart from the heart, the liver was sent to Sahyadri Hospital, Pune and Kidneys are transplanted in Aurangabad Hospital. Following doctors of United CIIGMA Hospital tried very hard to carry out this complicated operation very smoothly.

Dr. Unmesh Takalkar, Dr. Anand Deodhar, Dr. Shetkar, Dr. Anvay Mule (Mumbai), Dr. Shirish Deshmukh, Dr. Ashish Deshpande, Dr. Balaji Asegaokar, Dr. Pramod Apsingekar, Dr. Sujeet Kahde, Dr. Deepak Borde, Dr. Manisha Takalkar, Dr. Arun Chinchole, Dr. Shriganesh Barnela, Dr. Abhay Mahajan, Dr. Gaurav (Pune), Dr. Ajay Rotte (CEO) and the entire team of United CIIGMA Hospital.

The donor and recipient patient were in the same hospital which saved a lot of time and money.